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The Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas: Epub Download and Review

The Throne of Glass Series: A Fantasy Adventure You Don't Want to Miss

If you are looking for a thrilling and captivating fantasy series that will keep you hooked from start to finish, look no further than The Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. This series consists of eight books and several novellas that follow the journey of Celaena Sardothien, a young assassin who becomes involved in a deadly game of politics, magic, and romance in a world on the brink of war. Whether you are a fan of action-packed battles, complex characters, intriguing mysteries, or heart-wrenching emotions, this series has something for everyone. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about The Throne of Glass series and how you can download it as an epub file for your convenience.

the throne of glass series epub download


The Plot and Characters of The Throne of Glass Series

The story begins with Celaena Sardothien, a notorious assassin who has been enslaved in the salt mines of Endovier for a year. She is offered a chance to regain her freedom by competing in a tournament to become the king's champion. However, she soon realizes that there is more at stake than her own life. She discovers that the king is not only a ruthless tyrant who has conquered most of the continent, but also a mastermind behind a dark plot that threatens to unleash an ancient evil upon the world. Along the way, she meets and befriends various characters who help her uncover the secrets of her past and her destiny.

Some of the main characters in The Throne of Glass series are:

  • Celaena Sardothien: The main protagonist and narrator. She is a skilled and cunning assassin who loves books, music, and sweets. She is also brave, loyal, and compassionate, but hides her true feelings behind a mask of arrogance and sarcasm. She has a mysterious and tragic past that connects her to the ancient magic and history of the world.

  • The King of Adarlan: The main antagonist. He is a cruel and ambitious ruler who has banned magic and enslaved or killed anyone who opposes him. He is also the mastermind behind a dark plot that involves using ancient keys to open a portal to another realm, where a powerful and evil force awaits.

  • Chaol Westfall: The captain of the guard and one of Celaena's love interests. He is a loyal and honorable soldier who values duty and order. He is also brave, kind, and protective, but struggles with his feelings for Celaena and his loyalty to the king.

  • Dorian Havilliard: The crown prince of Adarlan and another one of Celaena's love interests. He is a charming and handsome prince who loves books, women, and freedom. He is also intelligent, witty, and rebellious, but suffers from his father's abuse and expectations. He has a hidden talent for magic that he must keep secret from everyone.

  • Nehemia Ytger: The princess of Eyllwe and Celaena's best friend. She is a brave and wise leader who fights for her people's freedom from the king's oppression. She is also loyal, generous, and compassionate, but has a secret agenda that involves restoring magic to the world.

  • Rowan Whitethorn: A Fae warrior and Celaena's trainer and mate. He is a powerful and ancient being who can control wind and ice. He is also cold, harsh, and aloof, but gradually warms up to Celaena and becomes her most loyal ally and partner.

  • Aedion Ashryver: Celaena's cousin and the general of the Bane, the king's elite army. He is a fierce and loyal warrior who loves his country and his people. He is also charismatic, cunning, and flirtatious, but harbors a deep hatred for the king and a secret identity that links him to the Fae.

  • Manon Blackbeak: The leader of the Thirteen, a clan of Ironteeth witches who serve the king. She is a ruthless and bloodthirsty killer who rides a wyvern named Abraxos. She is also proud, loyal, and honorable, but begins to question her allegiance and her nature when she meets a Crochan witch named Elide Lochan.

  • And many more...

The series spans over several years and locations, as Celaena and her allies face various enemies and challenges in their quest to stop the king's plan and save the world. Along the way, they also discover more about themselves, their relationships, their magic, and their destiny.

The Themes and Messages of The Throne of Glass Series

Besides being an entertaining and thrilling fantasy series,The Throne of Glass series also explores various themes and messages that resonate with readers of all ages. Some of these themes are:

  • The importance of courage, loyalty, and sacrifice in the face of evil: The series shows how the characters overcome their fears, doubts, and weaknesses to fight against the forces of darkness that threaten to destroy everything they love. It also shows how they remain loyal to each other despite their differences, conflicts, and betrayals. And it shows how they are willing to sacrifice their lives, happiness, or freedom for the greater good.

  • The power of love, friendship, and family in overcoming hardships: The series shows how the characters find strength, comfort, and support in their bonds with each other. It also shows how they grow as individuals and as a group through their experiences together. And it shows how they celebrate their victories, mourn their losses, and heal their wounds with each other.

  • The value of diversity, equality, and justice in a world of oppression: The series shows how the characters come from different backgrounds, cultures, races, species, genders, orientations, or abilities. It also shows how they respect each other's differences and learn from each other's perspectives. And it shows how they fight for their rights, freedom, dignity, or happiness in a world where they are discriminated against or exploited by those in power.

that guide their actions or outcomes. And it shows how they have different choices or consequences that affect their paths or futures.

  • The beauty of literature, art, and music in enriching one's life: The series shows how the characters enjoy reading books, creating art, or listening to music. It also shows how these forms of expression reflect their personalities, emotions, or values. And it shows how they use these forms of expression to communicate, inspire, or influence others.

These themes and messages make The Throne of Glass series more than just a fantasy adventure. They make it a meaningful and inspiring story that can touch the hearts and minds of readers.

The Author and Inspiration of The Throne of Glass Series

The author of The Throne of Glass series is Sarah J. Maas, a bestselling and award-winning writer who has been praised for her captivating and imaginative storytelling. She started writing the series when she was 16 years old, after being inspired by the music video of Cinderella by Britney Spears. She posted the first draft of the story online under the title Queen of Glass, where it gained a loyal fan base and positive feedback. She later revised and expanded the story into a series of books that were published by Bloomsbury from 2012 to 2020.

Sarah J. Maas has also acknowledged other influences that shaped her writing of The Throne of Glass series. Some of these influences are:

  • Fairy tales: The series is loosely based on the fairy tale of Cinderella, but with a twist. Instead of a meek and passive heroine, Celaena is a fierce and active hero. Instead of a charming and benevolent prince, Dorian is a conflicted and rebellious prince. And instead of a wicked and oppressive stepmother, the king is a cruel and ambitious ruler.

  • Mythology: The series draws from various mythologies, especially Celtic and Norse, to create its own rich and unique mythology. The series features various mythical creatures, such as Fae, witches, wyverns, shapeshifters, and gods. It also features various mythical concepts, such as magic, prophecy, reincarnation, and ancient history.

  • History: The series is influenced by various historical events, periods, or figures, such as the French Revolution, the Roman Empire, Alexander the Great, Joan of Arc, and more. The series incorporates elements of these historical references into its own fictional world and plot.

  • Pop culture: The series is inspired by various pop culture works, such as The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Game of Thrones, and more. The series pays homage to these works by using similar themes, characters, settings, or tropes.

Sarah J. Maas has also created a loyal and passionate fan base and community for The Throne of Glass series. She interacts with her fans through social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest. She also attends various events such as book signings, conventions, festivals, and tours. She encourages her fans to share their love for the series through fan art, fan fiction, cosplay, podcasts, blogs, videos, and more.

How to Download The Throne of Glass Series Epub

tablets, e-readers, or computers. Epub files also have some advantages over physical books, such as:

  • Convenience: You can download and store thousands of ebooks on your device without taking up much space or weight. You can also access them anytime and anywhere without worrying about losing or damaging them.

  • Customization: You can adjust the font size, style, color, brightness, or layout of your ebooks according to your preferences and needs. You can also add bookmarks, notes, highlights, or annotations to your ebooks for easier reference or review.

  • Cost: You can often find ebooks cheaper than physical books, especially if you look for discounts, deals, or freebies. You can also save money on shipping, handling, or taxes.

  • Environment: You can reduce your environmental impact by downloading ebooks instead of buying physical books that require paper, ink, or transportation.

If you are convinced to download The Throne of Glass series as an epub file, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Find a source: There are many websites that offer epub files of The Throne of Glass series for free or for a fee. Some of these websites are:, Ebook Hunter, Ocean of PDF, and Amazon Kindle Store. However, you should be careful and check the legality and quality of these websites before downloading anything from them.

  • Download the file: Once you have found a source that suits your needs and budget, you can download the epub file of The Throne of Glass series by clicking on the download button or link. You might need to create an account, enter your email address, or complete a survey before downloading the file. You might also need to unzip or extract the file if it is compressed.

  • Transfer the file: After downloading the epub file of The Throne of Glass series, you need to transfer it to your device where you want to read it. You can do this by using a USB cable, a Bluetooth connection, a cloud service, or an email attachment. You might need to convert the file to a compatible format if your device does not support epub files.

  • Open the file: Finally, you can open and read the epub file of The Throne of Glass series on your device using an ebook reader app or software. Some of these apps or software are: Lithium: EPUB Reader, eReader Prestigio: Book Reader, Google Play Books, Adobe Digital Editions, and Calibre. You can also use these apps or software to manage your ebook library, sync your reading progress, or access other features.

By following these steps, you can download and enjoy reading The Throne of Glass series as an epub file on your device.

Conclusion: Why You Should Download The Throne of Glass Series Epub Today

In conclusion,The Throne of Glass series is a fantasy adventure that you don't want to miss. It has an engaging and thrilling plot, complex and relatable characters, meaningful and inspiring themes, and a captivating and imaginative writing style. It is also easy and convenient to download and read as an epub file on your device. So what are you waiting for? Download The Throne of Glass series epub today and join Celaena and her allies in their epic journey to save the world!


Here are some frequently asked questions about The Throne of Glass series and epub files:

  • What is the reading order of The Throne of Glass series?: The recommended reading order of The Throne of Glass series is: The Assassin's Blade (a collection of prequel novellas), Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire, Queen of Shadows, Empire of Storms, Tower of Dawn, and Kingdom of Ash. You can also read the companion book The World of Throne of Glass, which contains maps, illustrations, and information about the world and the characters.

  • What is the difference between epub and pdf files?: Epub and pdf are two common formats for ebooks, but they have some differences. Epub files are more flexible and adaptable, as they can adjust to the size, shape, or orientation of your device or screen. Pdf files are more fixed and rigid, as they preserve the layout, font, or graphics of the original document. Epub files are also smaller and faster to download than pdf files.

  • How can I edit or create my own epub files?: If you want to edit or create your own epub files, you can use various tools or software such as: Sigil, LibreOffice, Calibre, Adobe InDesign, or Scribus. You can also use online converters or editors such as: Online-Convert, Zamzar, To Epub, or Epub Editor.

  • How can I share or sell my epub files?: If you want to share or sell your epub files, you can use various platforms or services such as: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords, Draft2Digital, Kobo Writing Life, or Payhip. You can also use social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or Pinterest to promote your epub files.

  • How can I protect my epub files from piracy or plagiarism?: If you want to protect your epub files from piracy or plagiarism, you can use various methods or tools such as: adding a watermark, a digital signature, or a DRM (digital rights management) system to your epub files; registering your epub files with a copyright agency or a ISBN (international standard book number) agency; using a plagiarism checker tool such as: Copyscape, Quetext, or Grammarly Plagiarism Checker; or reporting any unauthorized use or distribution of your epub files to the relevant authorities or platforms.



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