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How to activate Delphi Cars & Trucks DS150E [R3.2014] with keygen

How to activate Delphi Cars & Trucks DS150E [R3.2014] with keygen

Delphi Cars & Trucks DS150E [R3.2014] is a diagnosis and maintenance software for cars and trucks. It supports diagnostics on over 30,000 vehicle models from over 45 vehicle manufacturers. It can perform tasks such as OBD & EOBD serial diagnosis, service light reset, read & erase fault codes for all systems, flight record function, live data, ECU coding, component activation, and parameter adjustments[^1^].

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To use this software, you need a compatible interface such as Autocom or Delphi. You also need to activate the software with a keygen. A keygen is a program that generates a valid activation code for a software. In this article, we will show you how to activate Delphi Cars & Trucks DS150E [R3.2014] with a keygen.

Step 1: Download the software and the patch

You can download the software from the links provided by @Mister_ACE[^1^] or from the torrent file attached by @no_name[^2^]. You can also download the patch file from this MEGA link[^2^]. The patch file contains two files: ACSecurity.dll and Main.exe. These files are needed to bypass the online activation process.

Step 2: Extract and copy the software and the patch

Extract your desired program (Cars or Trucks) and copy it to C: drive. Then download and copy the patch content (ACSecurity.dll and Main.exe) and paste and replace them in "C:\DS150E_CAR_2014.R3" or "C:\DS150E_TRUCKS_2014.R3" depending on which program you want to install[^2^].

Step 3: Start the program and enter your serial number

Start "Main.exe" that you have replaced from the patch file, from "C:\DS150E_CAR_2014.R3" or "C:\DS150E_TRUCKS_2014.R3" and click on it twice with the right mouse button. This will open a window like this:

Then enter your serial number of your hardware version. You can find it on your interface or on the sticker. For example, 100251 is a common serial number for Autocom CDP+ interfaces[^3^]. Then open "Keygen_2014R3.exe" from the "Keygen2014R3" folder that you have in your patch file and use it to generate your hardware key (HWID). Copy and paste it to the program and click on the icon "Arrow to the right" [^2^].

Step 4: Save and activate the FileActivation.xml file

Then click on YES here, and choose where to save your "FileActivation.xml" file. For example, you can save it to the Desktop. This file contains information about your hardware and software version and needs to be activated with the keygen[^2^].

Using "Keygen_2014R3.exe" file from the "Keygen2014R3" folder that you opened earlier for generating HWID, just drag and drop "FileActivation.xml" from Desktop or wherever you chose to save it, to the Activation field of "Keygen_2014R3.exe" file. Once the file is activated, you will see a green field Activated in Result field of "Keygen_2014R3.exe" file[^2^].

Step 5: Copy back the activated FileActivation.xml file

Now copy back the activated "FileActivation.xml" file from Desktop or wherever you saved it, to "C:\DS150E_CAR_2014.R3" or "C:\DS150E_TRUCKS_ e0e6b7cb5c


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