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Pixelscapes Wallpaper V1.6 Apk


Pixelscapes Wallpaper V1.6 Apk

Live wallpapers can really make the homescreens of your Android devices look alive and interesting. Many of the best Android wallpapers can be downloaded for free and in this review we pick the very best of them.

Animated live wallpaper shows hexagonal pixels with a shader program.The application contains over 15 various shader program.You can choose a program and set up detail level and animation speed.

This app is somewhat oldish, but relevant nonetheless for the love of the good old retro pixel style remains relevant for good. The developer loved Cave Story video game by Pixel so much he made a live wallpaper based on its scene The Outer Wall. Dark night skies, and clouds float slowly as magical creature carries a little pixel hero on his back, soaring in the sky. There is a neat parallax effect when you scroll. You can make use of some customization options, such as add foggy clouds, change a character, adjust wallpaper scaling and wallpaper FPS to minimize the effect on the battery.

So, we will be giving you a list of the best live wallpapers which you can opt for if you are bored with your usual wallpapers. All the apps are battery efficient which will enhance your device look and at the same time will optimize your battery.

The next one is Chroma Galaxy Live Wallpapers, which offers a unique feature that you will not be able to get in any other live wallpaper app. Chroma Galaxy is the first live wallpaper application for mobile devices, offering stunning, high-resolution fluid wallpapers that are in 4K. They are stunning and enjoyable.

Blob live wallpaper is a collection of beautiful abstract live wallpapers of shapes and designs. By default, you get only one live wallpaper inside the app but you can download other compatible wallpapers from the app. No need to search the web for other fresh live wallpapers.

The app lets you change the colors, alter the designs and create a completely unique design. The only problem with this best live wallpaper app is that all of these cool features are accessible in the pro version only.

Pixelscapes wallpaper is a small yet gorgeous collection of three live wallpapers that are animated. All three wallpapers are beautiful and vivid and are based on the Pixel theme. These three wallpapers automatically change as per the time of the day and have tiny animated elements that make it fun to watch, every time you open your home screen. Pixelscapes wallpaper is among the few best live wallpapers apps that are absolutely free to use and do not contain any ads.

Mantaray live wallpaper brings the tame and extremely stunning manta rays swimming in a randomized pattern on your display. This best live wallpaper app allows you to change color modes so that you are not stuck with one color scheme which gets boring after some time.

It does appear jittery on a high-refresh-rate display and is best suited for smartphones with a 60 Hz refresh rate. You cannot change the movement patterns of the manta ray and it is bearable considering the fact that it is a free-to-use live wallpaper.

This best wallpaper app supports both landscape and portrait mode and works well on phones and tablets. If you love having something quirky on your smartphone home screen, the Particle DNA live wallpaper is worth a try.

Galaxy live wallpaper offers a 3D view of the galaxy with phenomenal quality of physics that makes it pretty convincing to watch. Tapping on the wallpaper and then swiping it lets you view the galaxy in 3D format. You can choose among different available backgrounds and the wallpaper makes a very sci-fi sound when you touch the display.

Fluid is a quirky live wallpaper that simulates the movement and mixing of liquid, gas, and water. This live wallpaper app presents a vivid simulation of fluid movement which appears trippy and psychedelic. It is a surreal experience to watch the fluids come together and exhibit different patterns.

A fluid live wallpaper can calm down you


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